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Group Leader Resources

Below are the materials you will need before leading a group meeting.

Resource Referral Worksheet

This worksheet helps prepare you to offer resources during the group meeting if the need arises. Print and fill out this Resource Referral Worksheet before leading your first group. This worksheet includes places for you to write down contact information for your local crisis hotline or local shelter.  
Download Resource Referral Worksheet (PDF)

Check-in Worksheet

This worksheet offers participants the chance to check in with their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations near the beginning of each group meeting. While these questions are available in the script that participants can access from each group meeting page, it can be helpful to print out extra copies if needed. 
Download Check-in worksheet (PDF)

Group Meeting Scripts

The script is the guide for each meeting. You will find a specific version depending on your type of meeting (online or in-person). During each meeting, Group Leader A and Group Leader B will read their assigned sections of the script while participants follow along. Participants can access this script at the top of each group meeting page. Although the topics, videos, and activities change each meeting, the script remains the same.
Access both scripts in your web browser

Do You Still Have Questions?

If you have other questions, we invite you to check out our FAQ for Group Leaders.   
Access our FAQ for group leaders