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Register Your Group

Thank you for starting a Saprea Support Group. Your efforts will help bring hope and healing to the survivors in your community.

    Name of Group

    This is the name that will be posted online. It can be a theme that resonates with you like Courage Saprea Support Group, it could have ties to your location like Dublin Saprea Support Group, or even a combination of the two, Courage Dublin.


    If public, your group will be listed on our site for other survivors to find you. If private, your group will be officially registered, but not be public on our site.


    Group Type

    Hybrid means your group alternates between online and in-person meetings or that your group allows remote participants to join your in-person meetings virtually. There is no way to distinguish these options on the Find a Group page, so clearly communicate your group’s hybrid format when new members reach out to you.


    Meeting Location

    Specific meeting location is for Saprea records. Only your city/province and state (if applicable) will be listed on the website. Group members will need to connect with you to get specific meeting details. If your meetings will have a hybrid format, it will be very important for you to communicate those details to members and potential members of the group.

    Meeting Location

    This is for Saprea records. Your location will not be listed on the website.

    Preferred Language


    Meeting Day/Time/Frequency






    The following email addresses will not be posted on our site. Your Personal Email(s) are for Saprea records and communication only.

    Group Email

    We recommend you create a separate email to communicate with your group. Many group leaders create a Gmail account that incorporates their group name, e.g., This allows you (and fellow group leaders) to share the responsibility of communicating with current and future group members. This will be the email address where we’ll forward any messages from individuals who request (via our site) to contact you. It’s important to get in the habit of checking this regularly.

    Personal Email

    Launch Date

    This is the day your group is set to have its first meeting.